Egyptian Hip Hop


While their tour-mates Is Tropical played in Stealth, Nottingham, I sat down for  quick chat with Manchester’s latest buzz band, the ridiculously hyped Egyptian Hip Hop.

So, is this your first visit to Nottingham?
Yeah, we played once before but not as Egyptian Hip Hop; however we were two hours late for the gig because we missed the train.

Where did you guys meet?
We knew each other before, two of us met at school and then we all joined at college and just went from there, all a big mix of knowledge.

Obviously I can tell you’re not from Egypt, I understand you live in the same area as Delphic?
Yeah we’re from this place called Marple, and two of Delphic live in Marple Bridge. You try and say it’s not the same place as Marple but it is.

So do you guys hang around with each other?
Yeah we’ve only met them a couple of times, they’re like ten years older then us. We had a photo shoot with them for the Guardian where we chatted to them briefly. Our manger is good friends with them anyway, but we met them really through another band in our area called Dutch Uncles, they’re pretty obscure.

How would you describe your sound?
An ever evolving mash of the past 50 years of pop music.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year then?
We might be doing a show in Moscow; we’ve also been offered to do one in Rome. We were supposed to do it in December but we didn’t have our passports sorted. We’re playing with Animal Kingdom at our single launch, and then obviously the NME awards show with Delphic. Maybe touring with Delphic but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

So how famous do you want to be, who do you inspire to be?
I don’t want to be too famous, like Talking Heads. Most people wouldn’t know who they were if they saw them in the street because they only have a cult following.

So who does all your writing?
We share it, we just throw ideas at each other and bounce them back, a lot of its hit and miss. Sometimes I’ll throw one in and it’ll be a no straight away, other songs will just sit around for months and others come straight away.

What is the most personal song you’ve written?
I don’t know things change, for instance something I don’t like that much now could become the song that means the most to me. For instance ‘Rad Pitt’ was amazing when we first wrote it, but it has just lost a lot of meaning now, possibly through playing it too much. I mean that was a year ago that we wrote it, so things change.

So you feel that you have grown out of that and into something else?
Yeah, we’ve also grow out of other songs to; I don’t know whether it’s growing out of them or the fact we have no real direction really. We won’t to evolve as time evolves, we don’t won’t to say we’re going to sound like this and stick to it because we won’t.

Well seeing as though you don’t really know what’s going to happen, do you realise how far up the chain you have gotten?
Hasn’t really sunk in even though we have been on the radio and in magazines, I think that the people that know us give us more respect and we have fans that wait for us for hours. Interviews aren’t as surreal as radio plays, it’s weird if I wasn’t in this band I don’t know whether I’d listen to us. There is so much hype, and bands that get too much begin to get hated depends what is hyping them up. Things like NME, not that its bad, hype up bands like Joe Lean (from Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong) our mate, where are they now? Sometimes they can get it right its hard to tell, like Klaxons haven’t done their second album yet and that could be shit and NME could say they hated them anyway.

So would there be any band you’d want to be associated with in Manchester?
There is a scene developing in Manchester getting away from the lad rock Oasis tag. A lot of good bands are coming out of Manchester now for example Delphic who have just soared, basically the only similarity we all have is that we don’t sound like lad rock.

How you feeling about it all, realising singles and making videos?
Our single is out February the 2nd we haven’t even decided on artwork for it… We haven’t recorded the second release yet, just waiting for feedback on the single and we will go from there. I’m just glad that people enjoy it because it is quite different from ‘Rad Pitt’.

Egyptian Hip Hop’s debut single on Hit Club is available now from Puregroove.