Auditory Pleasures // #9

Welcome back once more to my look at the weeks hottest records. Hopefully by now you’ll know what the score is, if not then just read on for a journey through some of the best new tracks of the week.

‘Lifted’ offers up a plethora of quirky styles and calypso influences which when mashed together produce a sound capable of transporting your mind to a golden beach in the height of summer. The steel drums which build through the song only add to the calypso theme. ‘Lifted’ is be taken from Lemonade’s upcoming EP Pure Moods.


It’s been all too easy to get caught up in the buzzmachine that is jj. Their mix of hip-hop samples and dreamy vocals have sparked many reactions, both positive and negative. ‘And Now’ is an original piece which shows behind the samples jj can still produce beautiful music. The track will be featured on the bands much anticipated new album jj n°3.

jjAnd Now

It’s pretty unsurprising that These New Puritans will be supporting The xx on their upcoming tour. Both bands share similarities in their production, offering up sparse sounds and subdued vocals. These New Puritans are however less subtle in their approach, evidenced best in album track ‘Orion’. A thumping drum beat is apparent throughout and the choral element in the background can be somewhat unnerving.

These New PuritansOrion

Tripwire shared some great mp3’s of Phoenix unplugged for German magazine musikexpress. The highlight is most definitely this cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands’ which truly captures the heartfeltness of the original. You can almost hear echoes of Dylan in Thomas Mars’ voice.

PhoenixSad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (Bob Dylan Cover)