Auditory Pleasures // #10


Auditory Pleasures made it to double figures! In a week where Faux Vol 1.1 was released there have been a number of great new tracks to share with you guys, let me know what you think.

As grungy as ever, Japandroids are back with their latest single ‘Art Czars’. The duo have decided to release a number of limited edition singles throughout 2010. Each will feature two tracks, one being a track which didn’t make the cut onto Post-Nothing, the other a cover.

JapandroidsArt Czars

Both Rancid and Vampire Weekend take influences from many genres. Rancid’s original version of ‘Ruby Soho’ features reggae, ska and punk, alongside these influences is Armstrong’s gravely vocals and catchy riffs. Fast forward to 2010 and Vampire Weekend are pretty much running a similar track, a plethora of influences alongside catchy riffs are still a killer combination. That’s why this cover works so well, it could easily be a VW track.

Vampire WeekendRuby Soho (Rancid Cover)

I wrote about this track over at Indiescreet but have to mention it here as I can’t get enough of it. A tranquil start is interrupted by a catchy electro bassline which catches the mood of the track brilliantly.

The Golden FilterHide Me

Kate Nash is one of those artists that is either actually as painfully twee as she comes across, or just hiding another side very, very well. The first cut from her new album, the follow-up to 2007’s Made Of Bricks takes Nash’s familiar tone in a new direction. While obviously heavily moulded by production, the fresh style of Nash’s writing certainly builds a bit of excitement for the forthcoming album.

Kate Nash – I Just Love You More