Swanton Bombs


Swanton Bombs have been setting the music scene alight recently, with their brand of moody melodic blues punk. Composed of band members Brendan and Dominic, their live show has caught many peoples attention, earning them well deserved places in numerous tip lists for 2010. In the past year they have toured with Girls and Jay Reatard, and come February they set off on tour with Los Campesinos! after a brief jaunt across the country with Islet and Frankie & The Heartstrings, curated by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens . I caught up with Dominic from the band to talk about their music and live show.

Musically you have been said to combine blues and punk, do you feel this is an accurate description of your sound?
Yes I’d like to think so. Most of our main influences come from bands and artists from those genres like Howlin Wolf or Television or the Clash. If not those bands then the bands that consider those two genres as an influence but dont directly sound like them, like Rolling Stones and Tom Waits.

Do you feel that musically you have an edge that is missing from other bands today?
We havent got anything over anyone. We just struggle to find bands that find the live sound as important as we do. There are a shit load of posh girls hoarding the limelight. What needs to happen now is massive blokey guitarbeefheads to put them in their place.

Your music has a depth to it that defies the two members that you have. How do you achieve this?
Thank you. Brendan and I have been playing together for nearly ten years so there’s almost an unspoken telepathy between us that might seem valuable. But we recorded our album totally live in one room with the famous Simon Askew. His wizardry helped us achieve whatever magic you may or may not hear.

Are there any artists whose music you admire thats listeners may not expect?
Umm I’m not sure. I really like Outkast. And massive american pop. The current stuff that is, the mega stars being all sexy and successful.

Do you feel that your live shows bring your recorded sound to life?
Hopefully. We didnt want to seperate them. It’s the same thing in our eyes, songs are being performed to be heard.

What, so far, has been your favourite gig or tour that you’ve played?
The tour with Girls was unbelievable. In particular the gigs in Stockholm, London and Glasgow stood out for me. It felt like we went down well with the crowd, and getting to know Girls was a true delight.

The bands Mammoth Skull EP is available for download from iTunes and the album Mumbo Jumbo & Murder is released February 15th. Visit their myspace here and the official website here.