INSA is a London based artist who’s work is a unique blend of graffiti influenced hyper-real creations that ooze sexuality and fetishism, topped off with a heavy sense of irony.

Coming from an extensive graffiti background, INSA has now moved into pushing his art all over the world in anyway he can. This includes designing signature collections for brands such as Kangol, Kid Robot and Oki-Ni, as well as starting his own heel company ‘INSA HEELS’. He has undertaken many private commissions for clients such as Sony and Nike and was recently invited out to Sweden as one of only two British artists to help curate and sculpt the 2008/2009 ICE hotel.

INSA’s world is a strange one where objectification meets commodification with oversized body parts fighting for position at the forefront of the viewers mind. All the while INSA is making sure you’re been sucked in to a shallow fantasy of materialistic aspiration where sexual objectification is flaunted as a symbol of wealth and success.

Wanna seem more of his work check it out here or have a look below at a cross-section of this incredible talent’s stuff.