Auditory Pleasures // #8

Welcome back to another edition of Auditory Pleasures. Hopefully by now you’ll know what the score is, if not then just read on for a journey through some of the best new tracks of the week.


The Tallest Man On Earth aka Swedish folk musician Kristian Matsson has just signed to Dead Oceans. To celebrate, Matsson has given away a track from his upcoming new album The Wild Hunt in the form of the Dylan-esq King Of Spain. It’s an acquired joy to listen to Matsson’s strong voice projected perfectly over the single acoustic guitar.

The Tallest Man On EarthKing Of Spain


Efterklang’s Modern Drift is an amazing preview to their upcoming new album Magic Chairs. It’s a bit of a move away from their previous material but the band have transitioned perfectly to a more melodic outlook. Be sure to check out the video for Modern Drift, it’s a beautifully tranquil look at the world, a work of art.

EfterklangMorning Drift


I had no intention of writing such a folksy article this week but it’s certainly nice to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax to some soothing tunes. Joanna Newsom is a perfect example of such music. 81 sees the return of Newsom previewing material from her upcoming triple (yes, triple!) album Have One On Me which is released February 23rd. The track, featuring her trademark harp, is mystical and twee and gives a real sense of ye old world and a hark back to much simpler days.

Joanna Newsom81