New Blood: Frankie & The Heartstrings

Frankie & The Heartstrings are a pretty exciting prospect, they’ve recently come off a major tour supporting Florence and the Machine despite only playing their first gig in Christmas 2008. They’re an old-fashioned pop band, holding down jobs in the daytime while rehearsing at night. Plus they’re from Sunderland, not renowned for it’s pop sensibilities.  Having only just released their debut single on the legendary Rough Trade Record label, they’re already gathering loads of attention across the blogsphere as well as in print magazines such as NME or Artrocker. Hunger is available as a 7” vinyl, and their only previous recording is a 10” EP live from Independent, Sunderland which comes complete with a custom made Frankie & The Heartstrings tote bag, a fanzine designed and written by the band, a badge set and a postcard from Sunderland.

The band describe themselves as “like Manchester … we have strangeways”, which is not difficult to see considering that Frankie reminds you of a certain other Manchester singer. When questioned about their recent tour with Florence Frankie said “it was amazing, totally unreal but somehow felt natural. The Temper Trap are nice guys too, and of course Florence is ridiculusly hot”. With regular plays on Radio 1 and an interview with legendary radio DJ Steve Lamaq, the support is really there to help make the boys as big as Sunderland’s other export The Futureheads. The band say that the next year will bring “amazing times and free stuff … hopefully”, more realistically they probably mean an album on Rough Trade and a sold out national tour.

You can follow Frankie & THS over at their myspace, but your best bet is probably to head over to their website where they regularly give away bits and bobs from life as a band. Sessions CD’s, setlists, that kind of stuff…