Auditory Pleasures // #3

Welcome back to the third installment of Auditory Pleasures. Thanks to everyone who’s commented and given their feedback so far, its much appreciated. This week’s track cover a wide range of genres and musical tastes.


YeasayerMadder Red

Odd Blood, Yeasayer’s new album, leaked this week. After listening to the album a few times in sections I’d say when its good its amazing but when its not so good its pretty poor. Standout tracks are the already released Ambling Alp, Love Me Girl, One and Madder Red which is my personal favourite right now. More brooding and dark than many of the other track on Odd Blood, Madder Red shows a more grown up side to Yeasayer.


JakwobWild Pitch

By now you’ve probably heard a couple of Jakwob’s excellent remixes, the most popular of which are rehashes of Ellie Goulding tracks, but now it’s time for the big test, to see if Jakwob can cut it with the big boys with his very own tracks. On first impressions it seems he can, Wild Pitch is a concoction of different bass beats which work perfectly together. No need for vocals in this track, that’d only take away from the track itself. The wide range of different wobs do all the talking needed.


jjTroublemaker (Akon cover)

These covers make me smile, recently there was Anya Marina’s cover of T.I’s Whatever You Like and now mystical Swedish duo jj have covered Akon’s Troublemaker. What makes me smile is the fact that the subject matter in the songs, usually from a male perspective, in no way matches the covering artists style. It reminds me of Ben Folds’ cover of Dr Dre’s Bitches Ain’t Shit from a few years back. jj’s cover severely slows down the original and simplifies it with spare vocals and an acoustic guitar, it’s both simple yet compelling.


Sleigh BellsRing Ring

Sleigh Bells have attitude. The combination of a heavy bass and crackling guitars perfectly suit their angsty yet angelic female vocals. Ring Ring takes a sample from Funkadelic’s Can You Get to That but takes things in a totally different direction. The track is less in your face and more laid back than other Sleigh Bells songs such as Crown On The Ground and Infinity Guitars, that however doesn’t mean its any less catchy. Ring Ring really exhibits Alexis Krauss’ beautiful voice and the great partnership between the vocals and backing.