It was another rare sunny spell in Leicester for the second day of the Summer Sundae festival, and it promised to deliver another feast of musical treats. I sat down with 65daysofstatic’s very own Paul Wolinski before their set to discuss new material, post rock and even swine flu…

So, are you planning on staying for the rest of the festival?

No, our guitarist Joe is off to France and London, so we can’t stay unfortunately. I really wanted to see Future of the Left, but they are on at exactly the same time as us. Who is headlining?

The Charlatans, it was supposed to be The Streets yesterday, but they cancelled…
It’s funny, we all saw Mike Skinner in Norway a few weeks ago, and for the whole set he had a bottle of antiseptic hand wash and between every song he was washing his hands saying “I’m not going to get swine flu”, making a big joke of it. It’s happening to a lot of bands, We just got back from Japan which apparently is one of the worlds hotspots for it at the moment, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us had it.

What three things would you recommend people took to a festival?
Water, Vodka and ice, oh no cups! I’ll swap ice for cups and deal with it being warm…

Do you plan to use the same production methods for your next album as you did with The Destruction of Small Ideas
I doubt it very much. I’m happy we did that and tried it out. But in hindsight, the songs we happened to write, some of them lent themselves to that technique really well and some of them not so well. Because a lot of opinions seemed to suggest that there was less electronics on the album, but there was actually more than ever before, but I guess a lot of that got lost on the album. These days we have been listening to an awful lot of well produced dance music, and that is where all our new stuff is going.

So are your DJ sets also an indication of what the new material is going to sound like?
Maybe a little bit, a few of the new tunes, they seem to be where our heads are at. We’ve been called post rock for so long, and there are some amazing bands doing all of that. And the fact for us is Godspeed (You! Black Emperor) and Mogwai did it best for us so many years ago. When we were starting out, and we had no drummer especially, it was a lot dancier, we had more beats. And our live shows have always been more exciting, and we make it a bit of a party.

On your latest EP, ‘The Distant and Mechanised Glow Of Eastern European Dance Parties, who sang on the record and how did it come about?
All of us, it was an accident. When we recorded it, I spent about 20 hours tuning all of our voices as it is quite evident none of us could sing at all. We tried to see if it was going to work live but I don’t think it would. We played it with some of the voices in as samples, and we might revisit it at some point but we’re always changing the live shows and wanting to keep it as live as possible. We always get accused of using backing tracks which is always a shame, to an extent bands like Daft Punk and The Prodigy technically use backing tracks, it is impossible to make electronics live like that, and we’ve always been as live as you can be, but because we’re playing guitars as well, we just hit play. When you’re doing that, it makes it sound even more like a backing.

Do you have a favourite venue to play in?
Not really, it is so hard to answer something like that, like on The Cure tour, we sometimes played two shows in a night. Like with The Cure in an arena being the loudest we will ever be, echoing across which sounds amazing. But one show in particular, in Phoenix we drove across town to the Dallas Theatre, a tiny concrete room with a tiny PA with about 20 kids in there, and we didn’t start until midnight, but because those kids had been waiting in phoenix for forever for us to turn up, they just went crazy, we went crazy. It was so loud even through the PA, we just made it work and it just made it fantastic. Depending on the environment, there are so many good types of shows you can do. Like festivals, there are always quite a lot of people who have never seen us before, so it’s like a chance to win people over. I like tiny ones because you are closer to the people. And it gets a bit more chaotic, there are different benefits to playing big stages, you get the sound, epic.

If you could recommend a book, CD and film, what would they be?
Book… So many, too many, anything by Murakami, it’s a pretty safe bet, maybe Kafka on the Shore or Wind-up Bird Chronicle. Film… See I did film studies as my degree, and I watched so many magnificent films, it put me off doing that again, so I’d say something like Back To The Future or Indiana Jones, it’s all about story telling. As far as a CD goes, I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD, we don’t make any money and CD’s are a luxury.

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