Lost & Found // #03


Lost & Found is our weekly Wednesday morning round up of articles, mp3’s and videos from around the net. Otherwise known as stuff we wish we had made, but didn’t because we were distracted by Rhiannas forehead

Seth Mcfarlanes Secret is revealed.
Ever wondered why Seth Mcfarlane has conquered TV so easily, he found the winning formula.

Bunny And The Bull

Stephen Turnbull (Edward Hogg) hasn’t left the house in months. He has an extremely precise daily routine, and his system works well: he has no need to interact with the world or think about anything in particular. But one day an infestation of mice wreaks havoc on his schedule, unleashing a chaos that rattles his mental cage and sends him hurtling through the past. This means reliving the disastrous European trek upon which he had embarked the previous year with his best friend Bunny (Simon Farnaby). From the director of the Mighty Boosh comes Bunny And The Bull, a promising new Brit-Com, heres hoping this is more Shaun Of The Dead than Sex Lives Of The Potato Men, because lets face it there is a very polarized hit or miss history in British comedy films.

The Carter

An in-depth look at the artist Dwayne LIL’ WAYNE Carter Jr, proclaimed by many as the ‘greatest rapper alive.’ With comprehensive and personal interviews with Lil’ Wayne, this film also features insight from those that know him best. The world will finally get to know the history surrounding one of the most prolific artists of this generation.

Robert Bernardi
We blogged in Lost & Found // 01 about the photo realistic biro drawings of Juan Francisco Casas, Impressive as they are Robert Bernardi takes photo realism to a new level with his oil of canvas work. Find out more here

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