Eric Testroete


Most of us will never graduate beyond building ourselves a light aircraft. Some amongst us will fashion ships, maybe even birth swans and produce flowers. However, there’s always a show-off.

After working as a video game designer for 9 years and with skills in paper manipulation beyond that of your average classroom aviator, Vancouver artist Eric Testroete has brought graphic design to life.

Eric Testroete - Good with paper.
A graphic designer by trade, Testroete decided to create a wire-framed model of his own enlarged head to emulate the ‘Big Head Mode’ found in a handful of console games. Documented on his website, Eric and his frankly, rather eerie piece of geocentric ‘World-Art’ are a refreshingly unassuming discovery in an internet culture saturated with hollow self-propelling entities and inexplicably ubiquitous non-celebrities. A creation adrift in an internet full of inarticulate ‘art’, by not baying for your attention, Testroete deserves your focus all the more.

For the rest of Eric Testroete’s ‘Papercraft Self Portrait’, or his other works, visit his website Here