Lost & Found // #01


Lost & Found is our weekly Wednesday morning round up of articles, mp3’s and videos from around the net. Otherwise known as stuff we wish we had made, but didn’t because Call Of Duty 4 seemed like a better idea at the time.

Harry Brown
Harry Brown is director Daniel Barbers feature length debut. Starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer and Ben Drew aka Plan B, it tells the story of Harry Brown (Caine) an ex Royal Marine who has found his estate overrun by thugs and criminals. When his best friend is murdered and his killer escapes conviction he vows revenge on the individuals terrorizing his neighborhood. Find out more here.

Juan Francisco Casas

Believe it or not, these incredible pictures were all made with ballpoint pens. Juan’s ultra-realistic pen drawings have been causing double-takes all over the internet. Casas works on huge canvases, using nothing more than a blue Bic pen. See more of his work here.

People Of Walmart

Yep, Youve probably already seen it, probably already had a billion people rant about it, but some of my mates had no clue what it was, so here you go, just incase. People Of Walmart is essentially an online photo database of all the white trash that frequent Walmart and all the fashion faux pas they make, their terrible car mods and wierd habits. Find more “observations” to laugh at here.

I Dont Care If You Wouldn’t, I Would

Another site you’ve probably had your two laughs at already, but yet again some people I know looked really befuddled when I said I would take the three girls from the Sheilas Wheels ad in a orgy. Just because they look like space age hen party rejects and thats wierd enough to be a turn on in an ironically degrading way. This blog backs me up. More chances to disgust yourself here.

Mp3 Round Up

Rustie – Just 4 Kicks (via. You Can Call Me Pelski)
Claude Von Stroke – Bird Brain (via. Pitchfork
Big Boi – Shine Blockas (via. Pitchfork)
Weezer Ft Lil Wayne – Cant Stop Partying (via. Nightmagnets)

Röyksopp – Tricky Tricky (Salem’s Remix)