Glamour Kills

Glamour kills

Glamour kills is a real indie business, built from the ground up from a basement in New York by college grad Mark Capicotto. It all started with Glamour Kills’ signature flying pig. Mark explains, “The first shirt was called, ‘When Pigs Fly.’ To me, that phrase means that anything can happen, and that’s what I base my life and the company around. I simply wanted to put my art on shirts, and it was a bonus that people bought them.”

They stand out from other clothing companys that operate in their chosen scene by daring to be vibrant and bold. Straying away from black tees with white logos to bring you a colourful selection of designs that catch your attention rather than blend into the background. They have a vast selection of tee’s + accessories for both men and women. Everything is designed in house and if you cant find something in their shop you like, then there is probably something wrong with you.

Here are some of our favourite tees from Glamour Kills.